The International Office Holds a Lecture on the Bilingual MBA Program of Laurentian University

Release time:2022-10-24 16:45:51

On the afternoon of October 13th, the International Office held a lecture on the Chinese-English bilingual MBA program of Laurentian University in Canada, and Ms. Zhou from the China Office of Laurentian University in Canada spoke to the students.


At the beginning of the seminar, Ms. Zhou first introduced Canada's convenient and fast immigration policy, excellent social welfare and the overview of Laurentian University. Laurentian University has an ideal learning environment that takes small classes, and students have the opportunity to conduct research with internationally renowned professors.  Laurentian University creates a personalized learning environment for students, providing first-class education and facilities that give students ample opportunities to explore and discover, analyze and communicate.


Next, Ms. Zhou introduced the distribution of Laurentian University's departments, which are divided into the Faculty of Arts; the School of Education and Health; the School of Management; and the School of Science, Engineering, and Architecture.  Ms. Zhou focused on the Chinese-English bilingual MBA master's program set up in cooperation with Gengdan University, the advantage of the program is that there is no restriction on the background of undergraduate majors, if students do not have language scores, they can obtain a master's direct recording offer through the school's internal test. Later, Ms. Zhou also introduced other courses taught in English, with language requirements ranging from IELTS 6 to 6.5 and admission criteria of 75 points or above as undergraduates.

Finally, Ms. Zhou answered questions raised by the students, brought the mascot of Laurentian University as a gift to the students, and suggested that they seize the opportunity to learn professional courses and improve their English level, so as to prepare for future applications for master's programs abroad.

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