Gengdan Institute visited the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands

Release time:2023-4-23 10:30:10

On April 11, Xu Fei, Vice President of Gengdan Institute, and Tian Ye, Assistant President of Gengdan Institute arrived at The Hague, Netherlands, and visited the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands. They met with Su Guangming, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, Cao Xiaoguang, Senior researcher of the European Institute for Science and Education Industry, Zhan Leilei, Associate Researcher of the Science and Technology Section of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, Gu Yanbin and other embassy officials.


Xu Fei introduced the measures and results of Gengdan Institute's internationalization orientation over the years. He said that Gengdan Institute has always been adhering to the original intention of running a school for the benefit of the public, adhering to the student-centered, open, international and applied orientation, and has a flexible and efficient mechanism of private education, committed to creating an international growth environment and learning opportunities for students. He hoped that the Embassy could help and support it.

Su Guangming introduced the development history of talent introduction in China, the economic and educational exchanges between China and the Netherlands, and the higher education in the Netherlands. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the introduction of international experts in Gengdan Institute. He said that the introduction of international experts in Gengdan Institute gives full play to the advantages of the system and mechanism, which is in line with the country's latest guidance. Counsellor Su also introduced the basic situation of Dutch higher education, the latest policies and the development trend of cooperation and exchanges.


The meeting also focused on how to further carry out international industry-university cooperation and introduce high-quality educational resources in the Netherlands, and decided to introduce high-quality educational and enterprise resources in the fields of engineering, design, humanities and business respectively, with the support and help of the Embassy and the European Institute for Industrial Research, while promoting the two-way exchanges between the industry and education between China and Europe. To provide Gengdan students with a better international learning environment and broader international learning and work opportunities.

After the meeting, the delegation from Gengdan Institute visited the embassy at invitation and took a group of photos.


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