International Center

Release time:2019-6-2 22:44:16


Buildings of 28,000 square meters have been specially constructed for an international center, including teaching area of 8,800 square meters with classrooms, laboratories and small auditoriums; one dormitory building of 17,000 square meters with several activity rooms and 167 four-bed rooms, each having a living room, a dining room and a bathroom and each furnished with the microwave oven, washing machine, refrigerator for a convenient living. The rest of the area is 2,200 square meters including a cafeteria for up to 600 students. It is an exclusive learning and living space for international students while sharing the library, student center, sports fields and a big auditorium with college students from Gengdan Institute. Such arrangement has a strong feature of celebration of difference – same location but different campuses, similar students but different age groups and cultural backgrounds, serving as an excellent condition for peer learning.


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