Gengdan academy of Design were invited to visit Kangwon National University and Hoseo University

Release time:2023-6-19 9:29:50

On June 5, 2023,the teacher and students of GAD were invited to visit Kangwon National University and Hoseo Univers.Lin Zijie, Dean of Gengdan academy of Design, Professor Chen Lin, Secretary of the Party Branch, Yang Bo, manager of International Affairs of Gengdan Academy of Design, Zheng Xiao, head of the digital Media Art program, Zhao Ye-tong,teacher of product design, Yan Wentao,teacher of animation design, and a group of 13 students visited Kangwon National University and Hoseo University on June 5, 2023. It mainly discussed with the two universities on the contents of teacher visiting, student exchange study, workshop and international course teaching, exhibition and exchange.

During our visit to Kangwon National University, we were warmly received by Kim Kyung-tae, director of the International Department, and Teacher Zheng Duhui. Through the video introduction, we were led into the teaching building, laboratory, library, gymnasium and other places to investigate the school environment and facilities in detail, and had a comprehensive understanding of the development history, subject distribution and school characteristics of Kangwon National University. After that, the two sides focused on the contents and ways of international school-running cooperation and reached a consensus on the contents of the cooperation agreement, including specific details such as cooperation forms, cooperation areas and cooperation projects.

The two sides expressed the hope that through the signing of the cooperation agreement, the two universities will further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation in education, scientific research, culture and other aspects, promote the exchange of teachers and students of the two universities and enhance the internationalization level.

During the visit to Hoseo University, the teacher and students of GAD were warmly received by Professor Kim Sae-yong, Vice Dean of Hoseo University, Professor Choi Bong-seok of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, and Dong In-chul, Section Chief of the International Department.

The visit focused on the university student innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base of Hoseo University, which is a key national investment support project. The space facilities are in good condition, the base space is integrated with the society, and is open to students, teachers and surrounding communities. The use of the base takes an appointment system, which provides a reference for our applied talents training.

During the exchange, the two sides also discussed post-epidemic international exchange teaching and expressed their expectations for normal teaching and exchange after the end of the epidemic.

At the same time, the in-depth cooperation between the two universities in the future was discussed, and the requirements for students to apply for graduate school, as well as how to solve the language problems of graduate school were discussed. The two sides worked out the basic contents of the renewal agreement

This conference and exchange activity is an important measure for Gengdan academy of Design to promote international education cooperation with Asian countries.

Next, the GAD will continue to promote cooperation with similar international colleges through various ways such as teacher exchange, teaching exchange and student exchange study, so as to provide diversified conditions for students' international learning practice, broaden students' international vision and enhance the ability to face the world design stage and comprehensive literacy.

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