The International Office guided the students on the interview of the City University of Macau master’s program.

Release time:2023-3-20 16:34:39

On the afternoon of March 17th, Mr.Zhu from the International Office gave online guidance to the applicants of the class of 2023, introducing the interview requirements and matters needing attention in detail, aiming to help them pass the interview successfully, and finally get the letter of admission.


At the meeting, Mr.Zhu expounded the students carefully in seven aspects, including the interview process, self-introduction and professional questions. Then,the Gengdan alumnus,Hu Peixing and Ji Mi,who are currently studying their postgraduate courses in the City University of Macau shared their online interview and learning experiences in Macau.The alumnus also explained detailed instructions through their personal practical experiences and interview experiences they collected after entering the City University of Macau for the students who also gave some interview and remind to them.They also said that the semester of the City University of Macau was very fruitful and worth it.


Ms.Wang,the director of the International Office, also reminded the students to be calm and moderately nervous in the interview, and gave them constructive guidance based on her own past experiences. Mr.Zhu and the alumnus gave detailed answers to the questions about the interview process, the content of the textbook, living expenses, scholarship and so on. Wish all the students of Gengdan Institute who enter the interview of the City University of Macau to get the letter of admission as soon as possible!

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