GAD Students Visited CAFA Graduation Show

Release time:2019-6-8 16:15:23

On 16th May, 2019, the teachers and students of Gengdan Institute of International Design went to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to visit the Graduate Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.



Viewing Scenes

The exhibition was led by Shi Xiaoming, who is in charge of product specialty, and Zhang Xinxin, who is in charge of Visual Communication course. All the students of Grade 2 in the modern living space direction of product specialty were involved. They also visited the Graduate Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. The exhibitions include product design research, service design research, biotechnology and design research, cultural heritage design research, future lifestyle research and other fields.



Exhibition Scenes

In the process of viewing the exhibition, the students appreciated the interdisciplinary consciousness of "university discipline"-that is, comprehensiveness and totality, which is based on "strategic design, scientific and technological design, design thinking, industrial design and design theory".


 Group photo of teachers and students


In the process of viewing the exhibition, the students not only gained the way of thinking and technical means of this top university students, but also included the way and way of showing their ideas and products, such as how to express their ideas, products and thinking process in a limited space, to enhance their strengths and weaknesses, and even to add to the icing on the cake. This is often overlooked by students, but it is a very important part. The students of this exhibition have gained a lot. It also provides a case and basis for the recent course of "brand design" for students, so that students can more intuitively and clearly accept the purpose of the course and understand the concept of the course.


Written:Gengdan Academy of Design

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