British Council visits Gengdan Institute

Release time:2023-4-20 16:50:32

On the morning of April 18th, Dong Tingzhen, the examination business management manager of British Council, visited Gengdan Institute.Wang Xiaoyu, the director of the International Office of our university, Zhu Jiangyi, the project manager, and Wang Fei, the director of the English Teaching and Research Section of the Academy of Design participated in the reception and talks. British Council has maintained cooperative relations with China since 2019, mainly in three areas: art, English teaching, education cooperation and social development.

       At the meeting, Wang Xiaoyu, director of the International Office, welcomed the two teachers.


Then, Wang Xiaoyu and Wang Fei respectively introduced our students in recent years the IELTS and international communication and entrance situation, English teaching and students' overall English level the two sides will join the "IELTS accreditation project", the introduction of general (Aptis) test, improve the quality of IELTS teaching, provide the IELTS lectures and free learning materials, set up the IELTS Angle has carried on the thorough discussion, and reached the cooperation intention, the future will cooperate in multiple fields.

After the meeting, two teachers from British Council visited the complex building, library and international center.



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