The International Office held the 3+M Master’s Program Lecture of Keele University

Release time:2022-11-11 15:27:44

On the afternoon of November 9th, the International Office held an Master’s Program Lecture of Keele University. Ms. Tian from Keele University's China Office was specially invited to introduce the crouses to students online.

 Keele University was founded in 1949 as a research university by A.D. Lindsay, former Chancellor of Oxford University. The campus is located in Keele City, England, UK, with the largest independent campus in the UK. The University offers high quality degree programs and research programs in the sciences, social sciences, management and humanities, as well as English language training.

Keele University has three major divisions — Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences and 15 colleges. At the lecture, Ms. Tian focused on the 3+M Master program co-organized by our university and Keele University. Students who complete all the required undergraduate courses in the first three years of the university and meet the admission standards of Keele University for Master. Students who go to Keele University for study in the fourth year, complete all the courses and meet the requirements of the two universities for degree awarding can obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate of Gengdan Institute and the Master degree certificate of Keele University. Its master's degree is accredited by China's Ministry of Education.

The application requires students should have a university average score of 75 or above and IELTS 6.5 (if you do not meet the requirements, you should take a language course). Tuition fees range from 11,000 to 23,000. For students with excellent performance, the school also provides master's scholarship, MBA scholarship and generous President's scholarship to encourage.

At the end of the lecture, Ms. Tian showed the students the unique campus community culture and accommodation environment of Keele University by video, and promised to ensure that all freshmen can live in the dormitory in the first year. After the event, students who are interested in the Master's program at Keele University stayed on the scene to further communicate with the teacher.

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