Gengdan Academy of Design

Release time:2017-6-2 22:42:45

Established in 2006, the Gengdan Design of Academy(GAD) has already developed a reputation for promoting the ideals of inclusive and international education. It has successfully drawn on high quality resources from major fine arts institutions and universities in our vicinity to become a hub of creativity in art, design and associated disciplines.


GAD has a teaching faculty of almost 100 staff including highly qualified professors and professionals from key Chinese design companies. Most of its staff have foreign educational qualifications and teaching experience. The School collaborates with an international partner to deliver at 2 + 2 format dual degree where students have the option of studying in Europe for years 3 and the school is a pioneer in China in the delivery of Design Education through the medium of English.




    –International class with courses delivered fully in English and dual bachelor's degree in cooperation with Technological University of Dublin.


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