Budapest Metropolitan University visited Gengdan Institute

Release time:2023-5-18 9:23:00

On the afternoon of May 12th,Mészáros Beatrix,Vice President in charge of marketing of Budapest Metropolitan University,Benemy Nora,Sales Director and Wang Weigang,international key account manager visited Gengdan Institute. Project managers of the International Office Zhu Jiangyi,Gong Chen,and two students who plan to study to the Budapest Metropolitan University next semester participated in the reception.


Zhu Jiangyi first welcomed the teachers of Budapest Metropolitan University and introduced the five schools with specific majors,school infrastructure,teacher resources,cultural characteristics.Then,he mentioned the international exchanges of our university and related cooperative institutions in recent years.The teachers of the Budapest Metropolitan University then introduced the study environment and credit system of Budapest Metropolitan University,and discussed the semester program,the master's program requirements and the scholarship program.At the same time,the teachers of Budapest Metropolitan University praised the Chinese students'learning status and praised them for their strict self-requirements for personal study.

After the meeting,the teachers of Budapest City University visited our complex building,library,international academy of design and so on.



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