The International Office held a lecture on “Planning for Academic Improvement”

Release time:2022-11-26 20:08:51

On the afternoon of November 17th, the International Office held a lecture on "Academic Improvement Planning" for sophomores and juniors in the synthetic building Z308. Ms. Wang Xiaoyu, director of the International Office, gave the lecture.

In this lecture, Ms. Wang mainly explained from five aspects. The first is the misunderstanding and prejudice about studying abroad. For example, studying abroad is unpatriotic, the recognition of employers is low and the cost of studying abroad is too high. Ms.Wang said that university students going abroad does not mean that they are not patriotic, but on the contrary will be more patriotic after going abroad. Foreign master degree also has a high value and recognition in China, more than 80% of employers are full of expectations for overseas students; In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the change of education concepts, the group of people going abroad is more concentrated in ordinary families, which shows that studying abroad is more popular.

Next, Ms. Wang introduced to the students the differences between the domestic postgraduate entrance examination and the overseas postgraduate entrance examination. For example, the domestic postgraduate entrance examination usually has 3-4 subjects, which need to pass the written examination and the second examination at the same time. Finally, the students are admitted by the balance. While overseas postgraduate students adopt the application system, students can submit application materials to multiple universities at the same time. Foreign universities mainly measure students' GPA, English score and comprehensive ability, and the overall application difficulty is lower than that of domestic postgraduate entrance examination. In addition, Ms. Wang introduced to the students the information of master's programs offered by Chinese-foreign cooperative colleges and programs. When applying for such master's programs, students do not need to take part in the joint examination for domestic graduate students, or to go abroad to study, and the degree certificates they finally obtain can be certified by the Chinese Overseas Study Service Center. Students can make reasonable choices according to their own conditions.

Ms. Wang also shared the students with some excellent deeds and growth stories of the seniors.Based on the data obtained from the questionnaires of the students in recent years, she put forward some suggestions on the planning of academic improvement for the students with different opinions, and encouraged the students to determine their future development goals as early as possible and start to move towards their goals.

At the end of the event, Ms. Wang introduced the master's program and the double degree program that our university is currently promoting to the students, and reminded them to prepare as soon as possible. During the four years in university, we shouldwork hard to improve our academic performance and language performance to lay a solid foundation for the ideal future career.

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