The International Office Holds a Lecture on the Theme of ” Hong Kong Metropolitan University Semester Exchange Course & Master’s Program”

Release time:2022-10-24 17:13:21

On the afternoon of October 11th, the International Office held a special lecture on the "Hong Kong Metropolitan University Semester Exchange Course & Master's Program". Mr. Zhu Jiangyi explained, to students of all grades, the general situation of the school and the semester exchange curriculum, and introduced the application conditions and majors of the master's program.


Thanks to the efforts of the Government and people of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong has recently relaxed its immigration policy, which has made it much easier for students to study in Hong Kong.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhu gave a detailed explanation of the department settings, discipline categories of the Metropolitan University of Hong Kong and Gengdan university’s joint policy support for exchange projects. As a university that provides a diversified learning model, the Metropolitan University of Hong Kong adheres to the core values of fairness, integrity, perseverance and innovation, and adheres to the school motto of "Focus on studying hard and making a difference, and work tirelessly to continuously improve personal character and morality.", providing students with high-quality education and cultivating good character.

After introducing the course setting and application requirements, Mr. Zhu used a video produced by a student who had participated in the project to show, in vivid detail, the unique scenery and teaching characteristics of Hong Kong and introduced the application requirements for the master's program. Mr. Zhu also listed some cases where students from Gengdan university were successful in their applications in previous years to encourage students to apply for master's courses.

As the event drew to a close, Mr. Zhu Jiangyi reiterated the grade points and language scores required by course applicants at each stage. Although the semester exchange courses do not make clear the requirements in regard to language scores, CET-4 college English is a prerequisite for students who wish to participate in the semester courses, so freshmen and sophomores should pay attention to their academic performance and prepare early.

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