Interview- The Foreign Teacher from the Gengdan Academy of Design — Nicola

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M:Michael  N:Nicola

M:Hi,Nicola, We know that you’re come from Britain, so, can you share the differences between your country and China?

N:Well, I think the biggest difference is that China is relatively safe. For example, when I go back late, I'm not afraid, so I think China is really a good place, and my friends love it too.

M:What do you like to do in your spare time?

N:I like watching movies, and I prefer to go outdoors, visiting some different places and enjoying different scenery, but recently the weather is too cold, so I did not out, I’m waiting for the weather slowly warming, and then plan to go out with friends .

M:I know before this work, you were an English teacher in a high school, so what’s the differences between high school students and our campus students?

N:I didn’t think much different. They are all both hard and Chinese students are harder than British students.



M:Em, as a native speaker,do you have any suggestions for our students to improve the English ability?

N:I think Chinese students are very shy, so I try to encourage my students not to be shy, don't be afraid to say it, because it doesn't matter. Like I do in Spanish, I often speak a lot of wrong, but I'm never afraid to say it. You have to enjoy it when you are learning a language. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

M: Do you want to say something to BGD students?

N:Learning is a process of experience, in the process do not be afraid to make mistakes, although learning will make you feel tired, but I just want to say that you have to learn to accept it, enjoy it, and finally I love BGD students!

Written: International Office

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