The International Office helds a Lecture on the Master of Business Administration Courses of Laurentian University of Canada

Release time:2023-3-15 15:40:58

On March 7th, Ms.Zhou from China Office of  gave a Master of Business Administration (MBA) lecture in Z408 complex building. This lecture was conducted offline and online simultaneously, which attracted more than 100 students from our university to attend.


In this lecture, Ms. Zhou introduced Laurentian University's school environment, geographical location, campus culture, teaching characteristics and the development of students after graduation. Besides, she focused on introducing the MBA program of Laurentian University,bilingual teaching in Chinese and English.


The advantages of this master program are that there is no restriction of undergraduate professional background, the language threshold is flexible, IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT scores can be exempted after passing the university internal test, and the language course and professional course are conducted simultaneously, mutual cooperation and synchronous teaching. The lecture also set up a award-winning quiz,a total of 4 questions and the difficulty was increasing step by step. Ms.Zhou prepared for the students the mascot of Laurenson University – deer plush toy as a special gift, students were participated actively in answering questions. In the end, Ms. Zhou also encouraged students that overseas study experience is not only for graduation diploma, but also to improve our foreign language level, increase personal experience and have a different life experience.


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