The International Office held an event entitled “What choice will you make after graduation?” theme lectures for students in the 2019 grade.

Release time:2022-11-1 10:01:52

This week, The International Office held an event entitled "What choice will you make after graduation?" theme lectures for students in the 2019 grade.This lecture is strongly supported by the Admissions and Employment Office. Combined with the course "Theory and Practice of College Students' Employment Guidance", the lectures are divided into 10 small classes, which are carried out in different majors.

The content of the lecture is divided into four parts, firstly, from the comparative analysis of domestic postgraduate entrance examination and overseas postgraduate study, secondly,"study abroad withoutgoing abroad" – the explanation of master's courses offered by Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools/programs , thirdly, the analysis of the growth stories of previous graduate students, finallythe three teachers from the International Office made careful preparationsin the early stage and explained in the classroom, which made the students think more about their future plans after graduation.

After the lecture, some students joined the international Q&A WeChat group of answering questions and hoped to continue to get the information of the International Office in the future. Others came to the International Office to further communicate with teachers and discuss specific development plans that are more suitable for their graduation. By asking students to fill in the questionnaire, the International Office of this lecture has obtained some specific opinions and suggestions from students on studying for master's courses abroad. These will provide an important reference for the later construction and development of the school, and will also be an important basis for the International Office to provide service support for students.

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