John and Nicola,foreign teachers from the UK hold lectures on overseas study

Release time:2023-5-19 8:43:45

On the afternoon of May 8th and 10th,the International Office invited John,a foreign teacher from the International Business School,and Nicola,a foreign teacher from the Gengdan Academy of Design,to bring two lectures on the theme of overseas study to students.

John mainly explained in detail from the two aspects of foreign life and cultural impact.He introduced the multiple stages and aspects of cultural impact in overseas life to the students.After many cultural shocks,the students will begin to slowly adapt to the new environment.John also introduced the current English proficiency requirements of universities in various countries to the students,which provides more references for students to study abroad.

Nicola focusses on the in-depth introduction of British local culture,study abroad experience and social environment. First of all,Nicola explained the basic situation,geographical location and folk culture of Britain to the students.Later,she took her own study experience as an example and introduced the advantages of studying abroad to the students.At the same time,she encouraged the students not to be afraid of making mistakes during the study abroad stage,but communicate with local people bravely and actively,strive to overcome the cultural impact.


Two all-English lectures by foreign teachers have certain challenges for most students,but learning English well is a necessary way to study abroad.The International Office will continue to bring you more lectures on overseas study to help students better understand the current situation and trend of overseas exchange and learning,and further make learning plans.

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