International Office

Release time:2019-6-10 22:44:32

Welcome to International Office!


The International Office of Gengdan Institute functions as a bridge linking the campus with the outside world. The office’s primary responsibility is to promote and strengthen Institute’s image and involvement worldwide. We make full use of all available resources, both at home and abroad, to contribute to the academic development of teachers and students.  

These are its specific responsibilities:

We manage, guide, coordinate and provide services for any activities or work of the university that are related to foreign countries or to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan.

We recruit and support international teachers and experts.
We oversee the recruitment and admission of international students
We conduct international exchange programmes and cooperation activities for educational purposes.
We sponsor international conferences and joint practicum projects.
We coordinate and manage visits abroad by college officials or representatives  
We look forward to working with you!    

For further information, or to explore the possibility of cooperation or exchange program with Gengdan Institute, please contact:

International Office,

Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology

Shunyi District, Beijing, China. 101301
Tel: 86 – 10 – 6941 1233  / Fax: 86 – 10 – 6041 1756  



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