【 Master Program 】 Lecture about Master Bridge courses of Purdue University (Northwest)

Release time:2023-3-28 10:22:15

On the afternoon of March 23, the International Office held a lecture about Master Bridge courses of Purdue University (Northwest) in Room Z408 of complex building.


First of all, Mr. Guo, the project manager of the Purdue University(Northwest), introduced the basic information of Purdue University, including the university ranking, subject strength and famous alumni. After that, the students were introduced to English Training in Engineering (ETIE), which is a cooperative course with Gengdan Institute. This course is mainly aimed at juniors and seniors from the School of Information Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


In this lecture, Mr. Guo introduced the relevant information of the course and the application requirements and points for attention, including English scores (CET-4 score above 500 or CET-6 or TOEFL 70 or IELTS 6, if there is no language score proof, the university can provide online English interview), program advantages, application procedures and the overall cost of studying abroad, etc. The ETIE program is ideal for juniors with engineering backgrounds. After one year of study at the Northwest campus of Purdue University, students can enter Purdue graduate programs without TOEFL or GRE.


Finally, Mr. Guo played the testimonials from the outstanding graduates of the ETIE program at Purdue University Northwest Campus to further understand the advantages of the ETIE program, and answered the questions raised by students. 


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