BGD students join internship program in new energy industry

Release time:2022-7-8 16:25:16

On July 4, 2022, eight students from Gengdan Institute went to Shijiazhuang Zero-Carbon Valley (Hebei) Energy Technology Company  for a one-month summer internship. The students come from three different majors, namely computer science and technology, digital media and technology, and internet of things engineering.


To combat global warming, countries including China are working hard to achieve the “Double carbon”goal.  Amid the global energy transition tide, new energy industry is booming and expected to open a new era. BGD arranged this internship to help students to better understand the industry and even prepare for the future career.  

Shijiazhuang Zero-Carbon Valley (Hebei) Energy Technology Company, located in Hebei province, is a high-tech new energy enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. It has established a reputation in the industry with its patented energy storage technologies.


At present, the company is providing our students with different  internship positions based on real industrial projects. Students can engage in product research and development, carbon-neutrality plan making, and social media platform management, etc.  


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