The International Office Gives a Lecture on “Overseas Double-Degree & Master’s Courses” for Senior Students

Release time:2022-10-10 15:50:02

This week, the International office gave a lecture on the “Overseas Double-Degree Course” and the “Overseas Master’s Course” for senior students. Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhu introduced the overseas double degree courses and master's courses offered by our university .


During the two lectures, Ms. Wang Xiaoyu introduced to the students the overseas colleges and universities that are currently cooperating with BGD in the double-degree program by addressing  frequently asked questions, focusing on the language scores and other application requirements  for these colleges and universities, explaining the advantages and challenges of applying for double-degree courses and postgraduate study abroad, and Reminding students to make plans in advance. Mr. Zhu Jiangyi showed the students the admissions of our school's 2022 graduates applying for overseas master's degrees, and introduced the application requirements of the master's institutions currently cooperating with our school. It was suggested that everyone should choose the program that best suits their own needs and individual talents. 


Both teachers provided examples of outstanding achievements made by senior students in  past years. Their many experiences studying abroad, their helpful suggestions, and the determination they displayed by persevering in their efforts to succeed in their applications for master's courses at world-class colleges and universities, were the reasons why they were chosen to set an example to those students seeking to do likewise and to put what they learned to good practical use in the future.  The two teachers strongly urged onsite students to follow the example of their predecessors and never waver in their belief that many more students of excellence at Gengdan will step out onto the world stage and become pillars of society in the future.

At the end of the lecture, the onsite students actively participated by filling in the overseas-exchange-and-learning questionnaire in order that teachers might better understand their needs and their suggestions for studying abroad. The International Office will continue to carry out more targeted activities to provide students with better service and learning support in the future.

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