Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology has signed cooperation agreements with three universities in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Thailand

Release time:2023-4-3 10:15:41

Recently, our university signed cooperation agreements with Queen Mary University of LondonSejong University in South Korea and Krirk University in Thailand respectively. The cooperation agreements signed with the three foreign universities are aimed at promoting academic and cultural exchanges. In the future, in-depth cooperation and exchanges will be carried out in such fields as teacher-student exchangesacademic researchexchange of college visits and educational cooperation.

Queen Mary University of London is a public comprehensive research university in the United Kingdom. It is currently ranked 125th in the QS World University Rankings. Sejong University is a leading comprehensive research university in South Korea, which is currently ranked 551-560th in the QS World University Rankings and The Times World University Rankings ranks them 251-300th in the world. Its Business School is accredited by the Global AASCB Business School. The establishment of the cooperation between these two university will play an important and positive role in improving the overall international exchange level of our school and creating better international exchange resources and overseas postgraduate study paths for students.

Krirk University is a comprehensive university of higher learning based in Thailand and radiating to China and ASEAN, which is characterized by the cultivation of application-oriented senior personnel. In 2021, it was shortlisted for The Times Higher Education Asia Awards and ranked 149th in the QS Asia University Rankings 2023. This establishment of this partnership is our university's positive response to the national "One Belt One Road" Initiative, and lays the foundation for our university's future cooperation and expansion along the "One Belt One Road" region.

In recent years, the internationalization of our university has been accelerated with remarkable achievements. We have established international partnerships with more than 80 overseas universitiesacademic institutions and international organizations from nearly 30 countries and regions, a total of 1,820 students have participated in various overseas exchange courses and 1,120 faculty and staff have gone abroad for further study. According to incomplete statistics, more than 1,000 students have gone to overseas universities to study for master's programs after graduation in the past five years, the number of students studying abroad for master's degree has accounted for 87% of the total number of students in the university. These provide a good platform for our university to further develop international talentsteacher training and scientific research in the future, and lay a solid foundation for developing high-quality international exchange resources through multiple channels.


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