Interview- The Foreign Teacher from the Gengdan Academy of Design — Tom & John

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Samantha:Hello Tom! I am Samantha, a junior student, and my major is International Business and Trade. Besides, I am a student assistant in the International Office. It's a great honor for me to interview you. 


S: How long have you been in China? What's your impression of China?

Tom: Yeah, it’s a lovely question. I came to China first in 1980, and I'm still coming back to China now, although many things have changed from the first time I would have come to now. But the one thing that hasn't changed is the people. That's my impression. Many people are still warm-hearted and helpful as usual. In addition, they're creative.


S: Do you have any hobbies?

Tom: We've been extremely fortunate that our hobby has become our job and that has guaranteed our work. I enjoy taking pictures, diving and so on. While John is fond of drawing sketches everywhere he goes. So that's exactly what he would do if he had his choice


S: I know that you’ve taught lots of students around the world and what’s the special features of the Chinese students?

Tom: Chinese students have their own special features because they come from different places. That's quite special as we get them to make a little presentation about their hometown and their school. We have learnt  a lot from their presentation.


S: If some students want to study aboard, there are many questions they should considerate, such as the choice of country and school. Could you give some suggestions about applying for foreign schools?

Tom: Well, I think you should be very careful about the choice you make, because the fee of going aboard can be very expensive and it's significant for you. There is no doubt that you ought to choose the right courses, because we already know some students are interested in going to other colleges such as in London or other places in Europe. More importantly, our advice is always the same. Just be really careful and do as much research as you can. It's major that you can try and find out what you're signing up for, so that you can benefit a lot.


S: How do you think of your students' performance in your class?

John: Well, we make sure that the students were very structured about what we do before the class, and everybody likes very experienced practice. So we know that what students expect to. I think this stage can handle students that how they try and what they should do, and other sorts. They're all different. Yeah, each one is different. So, this is what I am fun about working here, the students response to the creative projects that would give them always really interesting. The Chinese students’ ideas are different from other students.


S: Do you enjoy teaching? What do you enjoy?

John: Okay, the freedom. Yeah, I think it's good for anybody to be surrounded with other creative things particularly. So it gives us huge opportunities. Now we're  very lucky. I don't know, we would normally be retired, but we're still able to work, have own time on our own spaces and to use,and do our own work. At the same time, we teach them and help students to change their life.

Written: International Office

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