Academic articles written by a teacher and students at International Business School will be published

Release time:2022-6-30 17:49:32

Recently, one articles written by Professor Sheng Dachen and the other by a student both from Financial Engineering, International Business School have been accepted by academic journals and will be published in the future.


The article titled Financial Support Policy and Industrial Development in Counties in Liaoning Province written by Professor Sheng Dachen of Financial Engineering majors have been accepted by a academic journal titled Jiangsu Business Forum(translated) and will be published next year according to its schedule.The other two articles are graduation thesis written by Wang Zhipeng and Liu Jiawei respectively, both majoring in Financial Engineering and guided by Professor Sheng Dachen. They will be published on Bohai Rim Economic Outlook(translated) and Special Zone Economy respectively, .


The two articles accepted by academic journals have demonstrated the development of Financial Engineering majors at International Business School.

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