2023 Capstone Project Oral Examination of Applied Psychology Major of Gengdan Institute was Held Successfully

Release time:2023-4-27 11:24:58

    On April 22nd 2023, “2023 Capstone Project Oral Examination of Applied Psychology Major of Gengdan Institute” was held in the teaching building of the School of Humanities. Eighty-nine undergraduates who applied for the oral examination were divided into three groups.      The oral examination committee was composed of Professor Jie Li, Dean of the School of Humanities and Head of the Department of Applied Psychology, core professional teachers Zhibo Lu, Lei Shi, Jin Zhao, outstanding professional teachers Yueyue Zhao, Pascualina Du, and Rong Fan, and supervisors including Director of the Office of the School of Humanities Yun He and Academic Affairs Manager Junxian Zhao. Yicheng Tang, the general secretary of the Chinese Psychological Society, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Before the start of the Oral Examination, the teaching and research team distributed the "Notice of 2023 Capstone Project Oral Examination of Applied Psychology Major of the School of Humanities of Gengdan Institute" to all students one week in advance, which introduced the members of the Oral Examination committee, the Oral Examination process, Oral Examination rules and precautions in detail, and informed teachers and students the "Scoring Criteria for Capstone Project Oral Examination of Gengdan Institute". The Powerpoint (PPT) template for the Oral Examination was also distributed. At the Oral Examination site, all the teachers and students attended in formal attire with awe of academics.


    The Thesis Oral Examination was mainly divided into two parts: on-site presentation and teacher review and questioning. According to the Oral Examination process, students who had applied for the Oral Examination would make a statement in the form of a PPT report in the order of drawing lots, stating the topic of their thesis, research content, writing ideas, innovations and limitations, etc., and showing their research results. Subsequently, members of the Oral Examination committee commented on, analyzed and asked questions about each student's thesis, and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions for further revision and improvement. The responding students answered the teachers' questions in turn, and said that after the Examination, they would further revise, enrich and improve their Capstone thesis.


    Finally, the members of the Oral Examination committee voted by secret ballot and agreed that the 89 undergraduates passed the Oral Examination.


    Yicheng Tang, the General Secretary of the Chinese Psychological Society, spoke highly of the Oral Examination of Gengdan’s 19th grade student majoring in applied psychology. He said, “Undergraduate students can do real questions and can innovate. The topic selection was highly integrated with the major, and was of good practical significance. If you don’t come to the site to listen to the students’ defense, it’s hard to imagine that Gengdan’s Capstone Project Oral Examination of Applied Psychology major has such a high level.” After the Oral Examination, the General Secretary Tang had a face-to-face discussion with some students and said that he welcomes the students to the Chinese Psychological Society for internship and employment.

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