The International Office Holds a lecture for Freshmen of 2022

Release time:2022-9-13 15:59:08

On September 6, Mr. Zhu Jiangyi of the International Office held a lecture for 2022 freshmen, introducing new students to the ongoing process of development in regard to international affairs taking place at the university, stories of the progress made by outstanding seniors , the four-year global-learning plan currently being implemented at the University, and the services and support which have been made available to students, with the aim of helping themto set long-term goals and to enrich and diversify their experience studying at BGD.


During the lecture, Mr. Zhu showed two videos of former students participating in the British 3 + 1 Double Degree Course and the Winter Vacation Course in Macao, which attracted the attention of the students on the scene.  The videos included various scenes shot on campus at a selection of overseas universities and live footage of the day-to-day activities of overseas students, which gave everyone a glimpse of life spent studying abroad.  Mr. Zhu informed students that in recent years, more and more graduates of BGD have been admitted to world-class universities, and that, consequently, students should have confidence in their future plans for overseas study.  He also reminded the students of the importance of long-term planning and gave a detailed explanation of the university’s four-year global-learning plan.  He encouraged students to set personal learning goals at the beginning of their freshman year, break them down into manageable tasks, and follow through with them one at a time in order to achieve success in their studies.


After the lecture, director Wang Xiaoyu and teacher Zhu Jiangyi of the International Office answered a series of questions on how to register for overseas exchange programs, whether or not English proficiency is a prerequisite of the selection process, how to go about applying to become an overseas graduate student, etc.  At the same time, students were advised to pay attention to the official WeChat,  Gengdan and the world account, in order to receive, in good time, the latest information pertaining to international programs being offered by the school, and to establish interactive communication with the International Office.  Every student in attendance was provided with a free L-shaped folder, which tney received with much enthusiasm.

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