Carbon neutrality project studios reports progress

Release time:2022-6-23 10:51:39

Carbon neutrality institute of BGD organized an online conference to update project progress among all the project participants on June 15th .


The two-hour conference focuses on the current progress and future work plan about building a carbon neutrality database. Participants talked about specific issues including data collection, software development, server selection, interface design, etc. They also shared the  status quo of carbon neutrality in the international community.


Hu Zhongdong, general engineer of the project spoke highly of the project advancement and gave possible solutions to current problems  the studio was facing.


Li Jingzeng, director of carbon neutrality institute of BGD praised all the participants for their efforts and achievements despite all the challenges especially during the pandemic, but also pointed out some problems, such as lack of active communication and imbalance of development among different team. Whats more, he expressed hopes and suggestions for future development of the project.


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