The International Office held the lecture of winter courses of prestigious overseas universities

Release time:2022-11-4 13:54:59

On October 25th and 27th, the International Office held two lectures on overseas winter courses, including online courses from many famous universities and offline courses of the University of Macau. There are mainly more than 90 online courses in prestigious universities, including different professional themed courses offered by well-known universities such as Harvard University, National University of Singapore, Cambridge University, Oxford University and the United Nations. According to their personal interests, majors and future development, students can choose their favorite courses and study with students from other universities on the cloud.


Of course, in addition to numerous online courses, the only offline on-site course, the University of Macau Winter Course, is favored by students with its rich professional themes, rigorous teaching team and high-quality course arrangement. In previous years, many students actively signed up during the winter and summer vacations, and eventually went to the University of Macau for on-site study. This year's UM Winter programme has been optimized and improved on previous professional themes, including five major themes: economics and management, humanities and social sciences, business communication and leadership, human communication and big data, and technology and innovation, for students from different professional backgrounds to choose.


After the lecture, students who are interested in various courses have joined the WeChat Q&A group to understand the relevant content and detailed requirements of the winter course, although some items do not require language scores, but a higher level of English is what students who are ready to participate in the full English course should have, and the International Office also reminds the freshman and sophomore students to make reasonable use of the resources that our university can provide and reasonably plan their four-year university study life. Take advantage of the holidays to participate in the courses of overseas famous universities to improve ourselves, and help to continue studying for graduate students and increase employment value in the future.

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